Nigeria Customs Intercepts Containers with Arms and Illicit Drugs Worth N13.9 Billion

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has announced the interception of nine containers loaded with offensive items, including arms, ammunition, illicit drugs, and second-hand clothes, worth an estimated N13.9 billion. 

This revelation was made by the Comptroller-General of the NCS, Adewale Adeniyi, during a press briefing at Onne Port in Rivers State on Monday.

Adeniyi disclosed that one of the containers, which originated from Turkey, attracted special attention due to numerous risk factors associated with its importation.

The news sparked a wave of reactions on Facebook, with many Nigerians expressing their concerns and skepticism.

Sam Ezenwa voiced a common suspicion: “The owners are the ones sponsoring insurgencies in the North and other regions of this country… The end result of this news is what we won’t be told again.”

Reflecting on the potential political connections, It’s De Prince Emmanuel commented, “The matter go end for this, if not politicians who go carry that kind money for this kind things, the person wan form army.”

Provost Abiri shared a hopeful yet critical perspective: “I just hope for a better country… God will arrest the troublers and enemies of this supposed Eden, Nigeria.”

Mamaki Iliya lamented the state of the nation: “We will account for everything on judgment day, I feel very sad for this country. The foundation of this country is faulty from the beginning.”

Highlighting the systemic issues, Yomi Ashogbon noted, “The so-called leaders are our primary problem because the ordinary citizen doesn’t have such money. They use their money to buy weapons (and not food) and distribute it to the poor to destroy themselves, whereas their children are enjoying life somewhere else.”

Kenny Momoh issued a stark warning: “The amount of firearms in Nigeria is more than enough to prosecute another civil war. Nigeria is sitting on gunpowder. May God deliver us.”

Genesis Emake expressed skepticism about the follow-up: “The guns will still get to the hands of the owners. Calls will soon be made to the Comptroller-General, and that won’t be in the news.”

Toye Lateef Olalekan demanded more transparency from the authorities: “The Nigerian Customs Service should as early as possible tell Nigerians where the trucks are coming from, as well as where exactly they are heading to… ‘make Dem no dey give us half-baked information,’ we want information with necessary details, please.”

Godfrey Lomough echoed the need for accountability: “Who owns them, or ordered them is what we want to be hearing, not just interceptions. The next thing is silence, no arrest nor prosecution. Such a sad country.”


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