Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum, announced on Saturday an allocation of 36.4 million Naira for the distribution of 30,000 Naira each as a palliative to the 1,215 corps members who have been posted to Borno State by the National Youth Corps.

This decision followed the Governor’s visit to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) temporary orientation camp, which had been closed for over twelve years due to insurgency activities.

In lieu of this, Nigerians have taken to the comment section to express their joy, commending the Governor’s efforts.

Ogunjobi Jacob described Governor Zulum as a kind-hearted person and the best among all, stating, “Governor Zulum’s humanitarian gesture is top-notch amongst his peers. Can’t stop loving him.”

A Twitter user with the username “Pride of African” commended the Governor’s support for youth members in the country, saying, “This is commendable, and it will help the corps members settle down after the orientation camp. The only governor I see doing it right.”

Similarly, Official Abdullahi appreciated the Governor’s efforts, calling him the best. “I don’t really know much about history, but Governor Zulum is one of the best governors Nigeria has had.”

In his reaction, Distinguisher praised the Governor’s knowledge in handling the issue, stating, “Knowledge is power indeed. Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality. Indeed, Governor Zulum is a leader par excellence.”

Also, in the comments section, Abubakar Habibi expressed his view succinctly, tweeting, “Responsible governor, God will always be at your side.”

Additionally, Aboikagbo praised the Governor, saying, “This governor, eh, just a different kind of blessed spirit with a positive effect and compassion for others.”

Ibrahim Tahir stated, “There is only one governor in Nigeria, and that is the Governor of Borno State, Professor M. Engineer Babagana Umaru Zulum.”

However, Idriss Bukar called for others to emulate Governor Zulum’s gestures, expressing, “A commendable gesture to corps members in Borno State. Others need to emulate Zulum’s leadership skills.”



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