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The Kano State Executive Council has sanctioned the disbursement of N700m to cover tuition fees for 7,000 native students enrolled at Bayero University Kano (BUK). Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf conveyed this development through his official Facebook page, stating, “As part of our efforts to cushion the biting effects of our current economic reality, the Kano State Executive Council under my leadership has today approved the release of the sum of Seven Hundred Million Naira to settle tuition fees for 7000 students BAYERO University Kano(BUK).” 

This decision comes in response to the concern over a drastic increase in school fees, which has prompted discussions between the Kano State Government and BUK’s administration, aimed at addressing the financial challenges faced by students and the university alike. Additionally, BUK had previously introduced a scholarship program, funded by philanthropists, to mitigate the impact of the fee increment on students.

In lieu of this, Nigerians have taken to twitter to commend the governor of Kano state, praising his policy as a positive step in light of the recent economic challenges encountered in the educational sector.Nura, a Twitter user, expressed his gratitude and joy in a pragmatic manner for the governor’s good deeds.

He stated, “Mansha Allah you are indeed a leader and a father too. You actually felt what parents are going through. May Allah lift you against your enemies.”

Eng Abdulbasid Yakub questioned the validity of the payment, asking if it would extend to students outside Kano.

He said, “This is a very good initiative, sir. But what about other students outside Kano, like those in UDUS, ABU, FUD, FUDMA, etc.? Since they are also Kano state indigenes, will they also be considered, or only those studying outside Kano state?”

Jecilsblog comments similarly, “Education, the most lethal weapon to fight poverty. Thank you, Mr. governor. My duty is to either praise you or criticize. It depends on the decisions you make.”

Princess Amaka, while commenting, recalled the increase in the price of Unizik fees and expressed difficulty in paying them.

She stated, “Nice one. Despite economic hardship, UNIZIK is asking students to pay peculiar fees. I managed to pay school fees as a parent, and then the school will find another way—peculiar fees up to the tune of 25,000 to 35,000. What for? These are federal universities, for crying out loud.”

AbdulMAT reacted to this development by saying, “Indeed, when the righteous are in power, the people rejoice. The good people of Kano are blessed to have you in power. Keep doing what you do best, and history will be kind to you.”

Moreover, Celestine Raymond expressed the citizens’ right to support, emphasizing that it’s the citizens’ money and their right to enjoy such benefits.

“It’s tax from citizens’ contributions to the government that he’s using to cushion the effect, not money from his personal savings or investments. Nigeria, wise up. This should be a normal government responsibility to its citizens.”

Kabeer Karate expressed boundless joy and how this initiative would reduce school dropout rates in Kano.

He praised, “Wow! Your Excellency, you have no idea what you’ve just done. The amount of joy this news brings to thousands of stranded students with no end in sight to their predicament is unbelievable, to say the least. May Allah reward you with the best.”

A commenter with the username A certified Obediatti pleaded with the governor that the assistance should extend beyond Kano state to other students.

“Please, sir, I think it’s right, but it would be nicer and better to reduce tuition fees across the state for everyone going to school to benefit. Not just a few chosen people. The hardship in the country is biting so hard. This is my appeal, sir.”

Alhaji Ahmed Iyke voiced his support for the governor and recalled his excellent performance.

He expressed, “Governor Abba is reassuring the hope of accessing credible and genius skills for future reliability. I always rally behind Governor Abba for the future abundance of needed things in Kano state.”

Nasiru Danguda appreciated the government’s work, stating that it would help lessen hardship in the education sector and reaffirming the success of the government.

“My amiable governor, no one is like you. This is indeed the real touch of cushioning the effect of unprecedented economic hardship, which is gradually eroding the masses’ hope in leadership. Yours, sir, is different. You rekindle hope and optimism in our minds. More grace to your elbows.”

However, Kanz commended the governor’s policy as proactive, ensuring accessible education and financial support for students.

“That is wonderful news. Providing financial support for students’ tuition fees is a commendable step forward, ensuring education remains accessible. Kudos to the Kano State executive council for their proactive approach in these challenging economic times.”


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