President Bola Tinubu stated that his administration is directing resources towards vital sectors impacting Nigerians’ welfare, aiming to outsmart smugglers and what he termed “previous subsidy beneficiaries” resisting these efforts. 

Since assuming office in May 2023, Tinubu has implemented measures such as discontinuing petroleum subsidies and unifying foreign exchange rates to curb long-standing loopholes. 

Speaking to members of the Forum of State Chairmen of the All Progressives’ Congress in Abuja, Tinubu emphasized that combating corruption, smuggling, and resistance from subsidy beneficiaries is expected as the administration pushes forward with reforms.

In the wake of President Bola Tinubu’s remarks, social media, especially Facebook, became a forum for a diverse array of reactions, each offering a unique perspective on the matter. 

Taking to the comment session, Tunde Ogunmuyiwa’s voice cut through the digital chatter with sharp criticism, proclaiming, “Stories for the gods! Baba it’s your thoughtless policies that’s fighting you back and hurting Nigerians!” His words captured the frustration felt by many Nigerians, disillusioned by what they perceived as ineffective governance.

Meanwhile, Fetus Etuk’s tone struck a different chord, blending urgency with a call for accountability. “Talking about how they will fight back means little to me because it’s the result of what you’re doing with your team that will [change] the minds of most Nigerians,” 

Also, Etuk pleaded for action, urging the president to transform promises into tangible outcomes that would resonate with the populace.

Expressing his mind, Moses Adebowale delved deeper into the complexities of the situation, shedding light on the intertwined interests at play. “Subsidy cabals are not ordinary Nigerians, they are not only the opposition members but are many in the ruling party,” Adebowale asserted, highlighting the pervasive nature of corruption within the political landscape. 

Moreso, Sayiyan Haruna echoed this sentiment, demanding transparency and accountability in governance. “You called them subsidy beneficiaries but what are the names of those who padded the budget for about over N3t?” Haruna questioned, emphasizing the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions.

Daniel Odafe’s words resonated with a sense of disillusionment and skepticism. “What can be said of someone giving false hope to others?” Odafe pondered, expressing doubts about the efficacy of government policies and initiatives. His sentiments reflected a broader sentiment of frustration and disenchantment with the status quo.

Atom xeco’s message carried a note of admonishment, cautioning against the use of excuses to justify governance shortcomings. “Oga stop using cheap excuses to describe your Zigizat type of Government sir,” xeco admonished, urging the president to take responsibility for addressing the challenges facing the nation.

Amidst the chorus of voices, Adedoyin Olumide Adebayo’s plea for action stood out. “Well since you understood the assignment, then find a solution please.. we’re running out of patience,” Adebayo implored, encapsulating the growing impatience and frustration felt by many Nigerians.

Tunji Adebayo injected a touch of levity into the conversation, albeit tinged with sarcasm. “With your falling down, shaking hands and sleeping/snoring. Play, play people in power. Lolsss,” Adebayo quipped, highlighting the absurdity of the situation.

However, a user wifhZhaheed Adebowale’s words hinted at a deeper layer of cynicism, questioning the sincerity behind the president’s statements. “So he’s not aware they are the same people he’s been carrying around the world for business tourism. Or he’s just being sarcastic,” Adebowale mused, suggesting that the president’s actions may not align with his rhetoric.


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