The All Progressives Congress (APC) remains confident in President Bola Tinubu’s re-election in 2027, despite ongoing economic challenges and potential opposition alliances. 

The party believes that recent economic changes are necessary to stabilize the economy and meet Nigerian demands and expectations.

In an interview with Sunday Punch, APC Deputy National Organising Secretary Nze Chidi Duru acknowledged the difficult economic situation but emphasized that President Tinubu is dedicated to giving Nigeria direction. “The debate on 2027 is legitimate, given the short period of a nation’s life,” Duru stated, urging Nigerians not to show pity.

The APC’s declaration has ignited a storm of reactions on social media, revealing a deeply divided nation. 

While reacting on Facebook, Onyeka Christopher Chukwudi expressed his skepticism with sarcasm, “This time, he will just announce himself as the winner! He must remember that there is God somewhere!” Dada Oluwaseun predicted, “INEC will rig election 2027,” reflecting a profound disillusionment with the electoral process.

Moreso, Ayo Alesh added to the distrust, asserting that “he has INEC and the judges in his pocket,” which paints a picture of systemic corruption and manipulation. Henry Ikenna Eze criticized the government’s priorities, saying, “Their problem now is the 2027 election; these people don’t have any idea on how to move this country forward, not even an inch.”

Julius Larry Oluwaseun also said, “In Nigeria’s history, no government has ever been worse than this… The man has failed woefully.” Real John C. Ezigbo mirrored this sentiment, stating, “The Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s government is a disaster, and no right-thinking Nigerian would wish for a second term for him.”

Amidst the clamor of discontent, pockets of support for Tinubu reveal a contrasting narrative. ابراهيم برمه said, “Surely I will vote for him again,” suggesting a simple faith in Tinubu’s leadership. Engr. Emmy endorsed the president’s achievements as governor of Lagos, saying, “Sure he’s the best president, he is doing well, he did it in Lagos.”

Patrick Onimisi Aiyede offered a more fatalistic view: “Even if Tinubu wants to rule for the next 20 years, some are still ready to vote him to continue with the untold hardship he has brought to us. May God open the eyes of the gullible.”

Amidst polarized opinions, a call for accountability and a shift in focus emerged. Chris John’s plea, “Why can’t all these people forget about 2027 for now and focus on governance? Make Nigeria great again and Nigerians will massively vote for his re-election,” suggests that tangible improvements in the present could naturally lead to future electoral success without premature political strategizing.

Ikenga IHiala emphasized the urgency of addressing current challenges, saying, “We should focus on making his first tenure successful without citizens dying in hunger before thinking about 2027.” Frank Orji reflected on the government’s priorities, stating, “Imagine these people’s concern at the time people are suffering and dying for their bad policies and governance. That’s to show you they don’t care; selfish people. This is a very shameful statement made at the wrong time.”

Adindu Okezie Nwoko added a sarcastic twist: “If Buhari still comes back to the contest, he will still win so long as they understand the majority are headless. Just announce the result, the judiciary will finish the rest. The people are not yet ready to have the conversation of good governance.”

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