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Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo introduced his son, Clinton Mbaise, to the film industry on Monday. 

The announcement, made via Kanayo’s official Instagram profile, revealed Clinton would be joining his production company, Simpliciter Associates Productions, as an Assistant Production Manager and Kanayo’s personal assistant.

Kanayo emphasized a strict work ethic for his son, warning his crew not to give Clinton preferential treatment due to his lineage.

“This is Clinton Onyeze Mbaise, my first son,” Kanayo stated in the post. “And he is joining us today as assistant production manager and as my personal assistant.  Do not treat him like my son. It is a warning I am giving to everybody. He is here to work. He is going to earn a fee like every other person. Do not begin to say ‘na K.O.K son.’ I no dey for that kind thing [I don’t do that kind of thing]. Treat him as a member of the production crew.”

Kanayo also revealed Clinton’s academic background, stating, “He has just finished from Babcock University. He studied ICT [Information and Communication Technology]. So please, he is joining us today. He is going to understudy the production manager and learn this work.”

The news generated a range of reactions on social media.

Facebook user Gabriel Ayobamidele Oyeola supported the idea of no preferential treatment but acknowledged the inherent respect Clinton might receive: “It’s good not to give him preferential treatment, yet that doesn’t change the fact that he is oga’s son; even from the posture. But surely he’s gonna excel. Congratulations to him…” he said.

Others, like Gift Light and Stephen Ifeanyi Azubuike, expressed optimism for Clinton’s success, believing he could even surpass his father’s achievements.

She said “Congratulations KOK junior, you will do better than your father, for the fire given to a child by his father cannot be quenched. God will be with you and you will be a million times greater than your father”

“He looks so cool-headed. May he flourish and be greater than his dad. May his sacrifices yield rich harvest.”he added.

Onyis Mercy drew a parallel to the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, suggesting Clinton’s journey would be a fulfilling one.

“Unlike Abraham and Isaac,the sacrifice became a reality.He looks like Isaac and behaves like him too. God be with you and prosper your doings. It’s every parents prayer for the children to be greater than them.God guide your paths to addressing the issue on ground through motions,sound and skills(videos). Deedee Kanayo.o.kanayo….you be actor jor” she added.

Vincent Akele commended Clinton’s apparent humility, noting his posture in the announcement photo.

He said “Commendable! The guy looks humble; I can see his hands behind his back, instead of inside his pockets!”

However, not everyone agreed with Kanayo’s approach. Isaac Okorie and Princewill Chilaka Obasi suggested Clinton gain experience in a different industry before joining his father’s company, promoting independent growth.

He said “Good one. But it would have been much better if you send him to work in other companies not connected to you so that he can learn and grow independently before joining you latter in life if he chooses to.”

“It’s would have been better you send him to another company to learn and grow independently because working with you will even spoil him more” obasi added.

Gift Ofulue, on the other hand, applauded Kanayo’s actions as responsible parenting, highlighting the importance of teaching children hard work and discipline.

She said “Awsome congratulations this is how every responsible parents should raise their children, teach them hard work and discipline, when they come of age let them work to earn Everthing good they want for themselves…be their first Role model”

While Kanayo plans to have Clinton learn the ropes within his company, it remains to be seen whether Clinton will pursue further studies in filmmaking or management before fully immersing himself in the industry. Regardless, Kanayo’s introduction of his son has certainly sparked a conversation about family legacy, work ethic, and paving the path for the next generation in Nollywood.


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