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Kano State Governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf, has given the green light to allocate 3.57 billion Naira for a foreign scholarship program, aimed at supporting 550 graduates with first-class degrees hailing from all 44 local government areas within Kano State.

The decision was unveiled during a recent executive council meeting where multiple matters were deliberated.

Babu Halilu, the Kano State Information Commissioner, emphasized in a press release, “The Kano State government is wholeheartedly dedicated to nurturing and empowering our exceptional talents.

By extending this support to 550 first-class graduates, we are making an investment in the future leaders of our state.”

The scholarship program’s primary goal is to offer these graduates opportunities for advanced education abroad, with the anticipated outcome of significantly contributing to the state’s overall development.

Public opinion on this initiative has been shared on Twitter.

One concerned individual, Godwin, raised questions regarding the selection process, stating, “What’s the selection process? Will Mallam Aboki’s son, who sells aya & dembinu, benefit from the scholarship, or is it exclusively for the children of the affluent?”

Kenny David, a Twitter user, opposed the decision, suggesting that resources should be directed towards improving the local educational system, saying, “Another white elephant project. Wasting money on foreign education while our universities lack the infrastructure and facilities needed to provide quality education.”

Furthermore, Jossy criticized the Nigerian government for allocating more funds to foreign educational systems, stating, “No wonder why ASU goes on strike all the time because our politicians fund foreign countries’ educational sectors and not locally. That same amount is more than enough to construct a brand new university.”

Bob Emeta proposed an increase in the number of students benefiting from scholarships, stating, “I don’t think it’s fair to train 550 students out of the millions. Why not enhance the quality of education in the state to cater to everyone? Unless they are learning specialized skills that will serve the state in the future, it only benefits the minority.”

Enone, Tunde Alone, and Skila emphasized the need for improvements in the tertiary education system, with Enone suggesting, “Why not use the money to elevate the educational system in your state to the standard you seek abroad?”

Umar Abdulmutalib suggested that investing such a substantial amount in Nigerian tertiary institutions would be a more prudent move.

Also, in the comments section, Umar Yanusa appreciated the detailed breakdown of expenses for each student, highlighting the government’s commitment to spending approximately 5.5 million Naira per student to cover various costs.

Engineer Ochu Godwin recommended investing in entrepreneurial skill acquisition centers in local government areas to engage young people and reduce unemployment.

EMI Blogger suggested the introduction of international institutions to reduce the need for foreign investments in education, advocating for a change in the way Nigeria invests in its educational and healthcare sectors.

Chukwu Favour questioned the allocation of public funds for this purpose, suggesting that there are more pressing issues to address.

Solomon Joseph asked about the governor’s allocation for primary education.

Anzeh stressed the importance of focusing on basic education to get children off the streets and into schools.

Meanwhile, African Blogger appealed for investments in schools within Kano State, with the potential to elevate citizens, create jobs, and accommodate a significant number of students, thus transforming the state’s future.



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