The best graduate  of Biomedical Engineering at Achievers University, Owo, Idjesa Favor, has vowed to develop innovative biomedical technologies using a multi-faceted approach to make a positive impact in the world through the knowledge acquired in school.

Idjesa Favor, a 23-year-old prodigy, has earned the prestigious title of Best Graduate in Biomedical Engineering with a 4.53 CGPA and was awarded at the just-concluded convocation held on Dec 9, 2023, at the school.

Speaking in an interview with The Harbinger, Idjesa noted that her journey unfolds as a captivating narrative, driven by a profound fascination with the intersection of healthcare and technology. The fusion of healthcare and technology, a lifelong fascination, crystallized into the ideal avenue for her exploration.

Being named the best graduating student in the Biomedical Engineering department was not merely an accolade for Idjesa; it was a validation of perseverance, late-night study sessions, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. “The overwhelming joy that flooded through me cannot be merely expressed in words,” she said.

Contrary to the vision of graduating as the best student for some students, Idesa’s aspiration was rooted in a commitment to excel in every academic endeavor. 

“No, I always aspire to excel academically; I didn’t specifically envision graduating as the best student. I aimed to give my best in every endeavor, consistently challenging myself to perform at the highest level possible,” Idjesa told The Harbinger.

Motivation and Drive

Idesa’s motivation emanated from a deep passion for her field and an unyielding drive to excel. “My motivation stemmed from a passion for the field and a drive to excel. Setting high standards for myself and maintaining discipline in studying consistently were crucial. Additionally, support from mentors, family, and the pursuit of knowledge were driving forces behind achieving a first-class degree.”

Idesa noted that her approach to studying was characterized by a blend of consistent dedication and a hunger for deep comprehension. “Understanding concepts over memorization, active engagement in discussions, seeking diverse perspectives, and cultivating a habit of continuous learning set me apart. My commitment to genuine understanding, beyond aiming for grades, was a defining factor” she said.

In her words, the erudite noted that the possibility of graduating with a first-class rank became evident around 500 level in the first semester when Idesa’s consistent performance reflected a trajectory toward this accomplishment.

“Graduating with a first-class degree amidst the strict marking of certain lecturers required adaptability,” said Idesa, speaking about how she overcame the strict marking guide of some lecturers.

Idjesa maintained that she ensured alignment with the lecturers’ expectations, sought constructive feedback, and combined this with originality and critical thinking, noting that her ability to navigate academic challenges showcased a remarkable blend of resilience and strategic thinking.

Lessons for Aspiring Achievers

Reflecting on the past five years, Idjesa highlighted the role of developing effective reading habits in her success story, noting that her challenges were viewed as opportunities for growth, and financial management taught her resourcefulness and budgeting skills. 

Idjesa advised students aspiring for similar accomplishments, emphasizing setting clear goals, maintaining discipline, seeking guidance and mentorship, staying curious, and embracing challenges as stepping stones for growth.

Financial Challenges and Resilience

Idjesa shared her encounters with financial challenges during her academic journey. “Balancing tuition fees, books, accommodation, and living costs became a significant concern. Seeking additional financial aid, she navigated these hurdles, learning valuable lessons in budgeting, resourcefulness, and seeking support when necessary.

I will impact society through innovation- Idjesa

Speaking about how she will use the knowledge acquired to impact society, Idesa envisions leveraging her knowledge to contribute meaningfully to society. Through a meticulous approach involving collaboration, experimentation, creative problem-solving, and integration of cutting-edge technologies, she aims to develop biomedical technologies that authentically address healthcare challenges.

“My aim is to leverage the knowledge gained to contribute meaningfully to society. I aspire to develop innovative biomedical technologies that enhance healthcare accessibility, efficacy, and affordability, thereby positively impacting lives globally.” idjesa asserted.

“By thoroughly identifying pressing healthcare issues through consultation with medical professionals and patients, collaborating with multidisciplinary experts, conducting practical experiments, embracing creative problem-solving, integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI and robotics, continuously refining prototypes based on feedback, adhering to ethical standards, designing user-friendly solutions tailored to end-users, considering cost-effectiveness and long-term sustainability, and maintaining a dynamic approach that embraces learning and adaptation, it becomes feasible to develop innovative biomedical technologies that authentically address healthcare challenges, making a genuine impact in the field.” she added.

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