By Faruq Lateef

The best graduating student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko (AAUA) from Religion and African Studies, Kilani Mubarak Opeyemi, has expressed his plans to impact society by writing various books and promoting peace and unity amidst different religious groups worldwide through preaching.

In an interview with our correspondent, he explained how he scaled through despite the challenges accompanying academic success.

He disclosed that one of his department lecturers, Dr. Raphael Ojo, encouraged him to graduate as a first-class

student when he reached 200 levels. He stated that his family, friends, and relations also inspired him to achieve the honor of first class.

When asked how he coped with the lecturer’s strict marking, he said, “I studied the rules and principles of each lecturer and tried to move closer to them to understand their do’s and don’ts. This approach helped me excel in every class, resulting in me becoming the best graduate of our department with a 4.58 CGPA.”

He explained that no lecturer would want to fail a student, emphasizing the importance of understanding each lecturer’s expectations and answering questions correctly.

He added that each lecturer has specific preferences, and junior colleagues should connect with senior colleagues who are brilliant and have more experience.

Kilani expressed joy about graduating as the best in his department, admitting he didn’t initially expect to be the best graduate. When asked about advice for students aspiring for a first class, he stated, “Read as if you don’t pray, and pray as if you don’t read. Graduating with first class is not just about brilliance but involves secrets and strategies for academic success.”

Regarding his impact on society through his course of study, he plans to write books and impart knowledge, especially to students, promoting unity and peace among different religious groups.

Reflecting on his journey, he acknowledged the challenges, thanking Allah for creating a way for him. He shared his financial struggles, noting that sometimes he read without eating, but today he is celebrated publicly.

“To become successful, I admire reading and understanding books, distinguishing myself by not copying anyone’s lifestyle. I always focused on my ambition, industriousness, and hard work,” he emphasized.

He believes that success is a must for him, aspiring to become a professor through commitment and certificates. Reflecting on the past six years of studying, he highlighted developing daily reading habits and adhering strictly to a timetable despite facing discouragement and financial challenges.

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