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Member representing the house of representative at Jere constituency and Maiduguri Metropolis, Ahmed Satomi, has contracted 15 filling stations to sell fuel at 430 per liter for commercial motorcyclists and motorists.

In an interview on Sunday in Maiduguri, Satomi said all the constructed filling stations will continue selling fuel to everyone, irrespective of political affiliation.

According to him, the policy intends to complement the grain distribution by the state to subtle the effect of subsidy removal.

“100,000 liters have been dispensed over the weekend for motorists and residents within Maiduguri and Jere,” Satomi revealed.

However, Nigerians have expressed their opinions using their Twitter handle.

Via Twitter, Bigwig Austin expressed the move as a similar process of subsidy removal, stating, “That’s still a subsidy right? So in theory the 100% removal didn’t work, abi?”

While commenting, Doncarlos Clinton raised concern regarding corrupt practices among filling stations sabotaging the good gestures. He said, “Good move but the filling stations are chronically corrupt; they will sabotage this gesture by reducing the pump liters to nothing.”

A Twitter user with the name Fine Aboki questioned the lasting period of the development, asking, “This is rubbish… How long until you contract them? Nigeria politicians lack ideology.”

Similarly, Jom questioned the effectiveness and management of the policy, stating, “Good move though but for how long will it last? Hope there will be a monitoring team? Hope it will reduce the transport fare.”

Moreso, Ifeadigo urges other members to emulate his good gesture by doing the same, commenting, “If a Rep member can do this, then state governors can do much better. Why is this Rep member not named in this headline?”

Also, Azriel suggested the adoption of solar-powered vehicles, stating that it reduces cost. “He could have just bought 20 solar-powered vehicles. This is an unsustainable charade,” he suggested.

Walesnshy in his comment stated, “Still subsiding it now? So what did dey remove dem.”

Moreover, Muhammad Aliyu expressed a pragmatic view. “May Allah grant him wisdom and the heart to continue discharging his duties effortlessly.”

Expressingly, DON expressed the development as not helpful, doubting the compliance of public transporters. He expressed, “It doesn’t solve the issue. Even at that, the tricycle owners will not reduce the cost of transportation for the citizens. It’s a wasted effort because no one is regulating that T. Fair.”

While reacting, ITXL raised the need for a refinery in the country as a lasting solution, not palliative. “How? Like How? How do you plan on doing that? Build a refinery, build a refinery, just build a refinery for heaven’s sake, how long is that going to last for heaven’s sake?”

Expressing his view, Gee Enn commended the gesture as a good and helpful one. “Commendable gesture from the Honourable. My concern is; Would the keke riders extend the same gesture to their passengers by reducing their fares?”

Likewise, Badmus Babatunde praised the Rep, stating it will ease the heavy subsidy burden on citizens. He commended, “The Rep here must be under the Saint party. At least the burden will be relieved a bit, and the ease will be of benefit to the average citizen.”

While suggesting, Sylvester Ekwei stated, “He should put a monitoring team to avoid adjustment of the meters.”

Using his Twitter handle, Mujtaba Goran Dutse opposing the move suggested lifting the ban on subsidizing fuel. “This is not what he is supposed to do. Let him go to the house and file a motion that will force the president to bring back our fuel subsidy.”

However, Engineer Yasir Arefat, in a satirical manner, questioned the impact and financial sustenance of the policy. “Wow, how does he plan to curb sabotage and corruption? To top it all, how would he augment and sustain the payment?” he asked.

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