Miracle Akubuo

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu issued a directive on Monday to all Federal Institutions of higher learning, urging them to refrain from imposing arbitrary increases in sundry fees payable.

The announcement was made by Dele Alake, the special adviser to the president on special duties and communication strategy, in a statement titled “FG ready to provide buses for higher education students, removes restriction on Student loans.”

As part of measures to alleviate the financial burden on parents and guardians of tertiary institution students, Tinubu approved the provision of buses to student bodies across all universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education in the country.

However, this decision has faced criticism from Nigerians, who expressed their disappointment in the presidential ruling, stating that the Nigerian government appears confused.

On Twitter, Nigerians are expressing their dissatisfaction with the government’s performance, calling them incompetent and incapable.

CT Tagba, a Twitter user, referred to the government as incompetent and incapable, accusing them of implementing policies without accountability.

Johnson saw the move as an attempt to evade the Nigeria Labour Congress Protest and commented on the government’s political motives. Similarly, Sthenney questioned the government’s role in the initial increase of school fees.

Sunday raised concerns about the president’s competency to effectively govern the country, calling the government a “trial and error” administration lacking innovative leadership.

He said”Trial and error government.I thought you are the master strategist and builder of men .You are bereaved of ideas and lack the capacity to lead”.

Stanfeeling expressed suspicion about the change of policy and questioned the motive behind initiating such policies in the first place.

He suggested that the government was seeking accolades for stopping what they had started, but wondered about those who had already paid the increased fees.

Abass humorously stated that Tinubu might think he can tax people as he does in Lagos, but Nigeria is a different ballgame. Muythen further differentiated Lagos from Nigeria, emphasizing Tinubu’s apparent lack of direction.

“The more we look the less we see.You hiked fees,now u direct them to stop so you can get accolades for stopping what u started.Why hike in fees in the first place?.And do you think this will work.Those that have Paid already.”

Sirchinnel skeptically commented on Tinubu’s ability to handle challenges, especially concerning potential election tribunal issues.

Kabir Musa expressed concerns about manipulation in Tinubu’s administration that could lead to its downfall, regardless of the ministerial appointments.

A user named Just me pointed out inconsistencies in Tinubu’s administration’s policies, referring to it as being “Frontside and backside at the same time.”

Similarly, Josh Biggs stated that the government seemed confused and overburdened, trying to implement multiple policies simultaneously, which might lead to confusion and negative public perception.

He tweeted, “The government is trying to do too many things all at once and this can backfire.Its been made to reverse itself on two policy directions,fees payable in higher institution of learning and 8,000 naira palliative for the poor.At this tate,it could be courting the image of courting the image of confusion.”


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