By Wonderful Adegoke


In a region of Northern Nigeria often underestimated, Khalilat’s relentless pursuit of academic excellence defies all odds and paves the way for success. Her journey is not just inspiring, but a testament to perseverance and determination.

Originally from Offa Local Government Area in Kwara State, Khalilat Bello embraced studying Applied Chemistry at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUS) after realizing a medical degree wasn’t feasible. She embraced her new path, diving into her studies with determination.

Reflecting on her journey, Khalilat shared, “Looking back, I’ve never struggled with chemistry. In secondary school, I was recognized as the best student in the subject. My passion for it only grew stronger over time.”

Khalilat’s Resolute Grit

Fully aware of the unpredictable nature of undergraduate academic life, Khalilat sustained her studies by attending lectures diligently and seeking extra help for challenging courses.

Achieving an impressive 4.89 GPA in her first year fueled her determination to excel amidst strong competition among her classmates.

“Earning 4.89 on a 5.0 CGPA scale in 100-level, compelled me to give it my all,” she enthused, revealing how she persevered among a class of brainy students who were in healthy competition with each other.

“As an ardent believer in hard work, I spent countless hours reading and writing, thoroughly studying the materials. Attending tutorials, brainstorming and sharing ideas with my classmates helped out in some challenging courses.

Maintaining focus during study sessions was aided by keeping her goals in mind and minimizing distractions.

Despite her involvement in extracurricular activities and leadership roles, Khalilat emphasized the importance of prioritizing academics during tests and exams.

“I’m immensely grateful to God for being the top student in my department with the highest CGPA of 4.85. I attribute this achievement to the self-discipline I developed in my early days and the encouragement I received from my friends and family.”

Remain Committed — Khalilat advises undergraduates

Offering advice to fellow undergraduates, Khalilat emphasizes the value of commitment and diligence, stressing that hard work is essential for consistent academic progress.


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