On Wednesday, the Nigeria Labour Congress protested at the national secretariat of the Labour Party in Abuja against the party’s upcoming national convention. 

They called for the removal of the National Chairman, Julius Abure, accusing him of organizing a clandestine convention without consulting major stakeholders. 

The planned convention has sparked conflict between Abure, the NLC, and the House of Representatives caucus, with workers alleging Abure’s intent to harm the Labour Party.

However, the news has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media platforms, particularly Facebook, with users expressing a range of opinions and sentiments.

A user with the name, Isaac David Akpan criticized the NLC, saying, “See why people can never take NLC serious in this country, a labour union meddling in the affairs of a political party, why won’t the government say that their protests or strikes are political when they are indeed an affiliate of an opposition political party, Nigeria our country.”

Also, Salaudeen Adesina commented on the power struggle within the Labour Party, stating, “Some people here are so obsessed with APC, they keep blaming APC for the labour party crisis, they forgot to understand the labor party is now a big party so power struggle must be involved.”

Meanwhile, Charles Charles accused the APC of trying to destabilize the Labour Party, saying, “What APC cannot do does not exist. They are trying to destabilize the labor party ahead of the 2027 general election.”

While commenting on the news, Edit Kang Ebong expressed frustration, comparing Nigeria to the movie industry, “Must Nigerian be like the movie industry I said it yesterday and I will still say it today. 

Very soon Nigeria will be a place for punishment abroad. The judge will be like …….. I sentence you to 3 years in Nigeria. Everything ok Nigeria must get K-leg. Wetin concern NLC and LP ”

Fortunatuz Ezuruike commented on the political dynamics involving Peter Obi, stating, “APC and Tinubu are doing everything to bring Peter Obi down, but the more they do, the more popular he gets.”

In his own comment, Chrisz Onah accused the APC of trying to disorganize the Labour Party, stating, “APC is working tirelessly to disorganized Labour Party. Let those championing this protest prove their membership with Labour party. They are all disorganization agents from APC government.”

However, Oluwa Fe criticized the Labour Party’s organization, saying, “They should not blame Tinubu for lack of organization in their party. The same party that wants to rule Nigeria can’t even organize their party outside govt when they are not even in power, but always find it easy to condemn every govt policy.”

Kelly Manyo suggested that the NLC should focus its energy on protesting against issues like hunger, bad governance, high inflation rate, and high prices of commodities across Nigeria, stating, “Can d NLC channel dis energy in protesting against hungry, bad governance, high inflation rate, high price of commodities across Nigeria.”

Wilfred Jibril criticized the NLC president, Joe Ajaero, saying, “Is NLC now a faction of Labour Party? It is obvious and incontestable that NLC president, Joe Ajaero, has lost focus. He might go down in history as the worst NLC honcho. He appears to be an agent of the Association of Political Criminals (APC).”

Chris Chinecherem Cech Aloca criticized the NLC’s focus, saying, “Nonsense. They will not employ this energy to fight the government for the hardship we are currently going through.”

Aminu Al-ameen Omatrustee questioned the NLC’s involvement with the Labour Party, stating, “What concerns NLC with LP? Is the labor party part of the stakeholders of the NLC or is NLC part of the stakeholders of the Labour Party? They should channel their energy to Aso Rock or the National Assembly and demand good governance.”

Felix Utile criticized the NLC for focusing on the Labour Party instead of the government, saying, “A tree that bears the good fruits received more stones. Shame on NLC, upon all the hardship, na one political party una the face? Shift your anger to the FG and APC.”

Kabiru Adebisi suggested ways for the Labour Party to become a national party and win the presidency in the next election, stating, “The NLC if meant business should move the party from regional tribal party to a national party by re-constituting the NEC and NWC to reflect the true national identity consisting of representative from each geopolitical region without which they are “just deceiving themselves” the Labour Party can actually be the third force and a good chance to clinch the presidency in next election due to terrible performances of both terror APC and terror PDP, but they need more jobs in northern and southern Nigeria to be fully accepted as a national party.”

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